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October 23, 2021
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
As most members know, NIHBS had planned to hold the SICAMM conference here in Ireland in 2020 but postponed that until 2021 due to Covid, then we had to cancel it completely.  We are happy to report that the conference will go ahead, this time as an E-meeting and we hope that in future years NIHBS will again host a live physical conference. 
The SICAMM conference will open on the 23rd 0f October 2021 with three presentations followed by one presentation every Thursday evening at 7pm MEZ, 6pm GMT. This process will continue for twenty weeks. For further information see SICAMM | International Association for the Protection of the European Dark Bee |

Rewatch the NIHBS Book Launch Below

Please see Professor Tom Seeley’s books listed below:-

  1. Seeley, T.D.  1985.  Honeybee Ecology.  Princeton University Press.
  2. Seeley, T.D.  1995.  The Wisdom of the Hive.  Harvard University Press.
  3. Seeley, T.D.  2010.  Honeybee Democracy.  Princeton University Press.
  4. Seeley, T.D.  2016.  Following the Wild Bees.  Princeton University Press.
  5. Seeley, T.D.  2019.  The Lives of Bees.  Princeton University Press.

The best way to buy them is via Amazon but they are also available from Princeton University Press and Harvard University Press. Sometimes used copies are available online for less than a new one.